• New Innovation
    to the World
    from “TSUKUBA”

    TGI aims to create “Tsukuba Innovation Ecosystem”. We promote sustainable innovation utilizing the intellectual resources of Tsukuba Science City through the industry-academia-government collaboration.


Tsukuba Global Innovation Promotion Agency (TGI) was established in 2011 mainly by Ibaraki Prefecture, Tsukuba City, University of Tsukuba and research institutions as a hub center for promoting related businesses of “Tsukuba International Strategic Comprehensive Special Zone” which was designated by national government. Currently, TGI, as a hub organization, carries out various support activities in cooperation with governments, universities, research institutions, and companies to build an innovation ecosystem in Tsukuba.

Tsukuba Science City

  • 150

    Number of research institutions

  • 20,000

    Number of researchers involved

  • 8,000

    Number of PhDs

  • 4

    Nobel laureates

  • 250

    Startup companies

  • TOP of Japan

    IT, Science City (2016/2017 regional brand ranking)


  • 1Support for commercialization of technology seeds

    In order to create successful examples from the Tsukuba area that have a significant impact on the world, TGI provides consistent support from the discovery and development of technology seeds to exit.

    Promotion of innovation in medical-engineering collaboration

    Promotion of innovation in medical-engineering collaboration

    (Subsidy Project by the AMED (Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development))

    In this project, we will establish a regional collaboration base for the medical device commercialization ecosystem in the Tsukuba region at TGI, and establish a system to share the specialized support human resources necessary for the commercialization of medical devices in a wide-area collaboration, and work on the self-sustainability of activities to support the commercialization of medical devices. By creating a self-sustaining domestic and international network through this project, we aim to transform the Tsukuba region from “a city with a concentration of medical device seeds” into “a global medical device innovation ecosystem.”

    Program for Building Regional Innovation Ecosystem

    Creation of Business Innovation Utilizing Next-Generation Technology

    (Cabinet Office: Regional Revitalization Promotion Grant Business)

    This project aims to support the creation and development of new businesses that utilize next-generation innovative technologies. In order to strengthen and accelerate the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises in Ibaraki prefecture, TGI provides business plan construction and business plan demonstration support from the acquisition of knowledge such as IoT / AI and business creation know-how.

    Program for Building Regional Innovation Ecosystem

    Program for Building Regional Innovation Ecosystem

    (Subsidy Project by the MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology))

    In 2016, "Tsukuba Innovation Ecosystem Building (Creation of Ultra Smart Society Using Medical and Advanced Technology Seeds)" proposed by Ibaraki Prefecture and TGI was adopted in the MEXT’s program. Since then, TGI has been working on three projects such as "Creation of the Next Generation (Polarized) OCT Industry", "Sleep Measurement Service Business for People Unsatisfied with Sleep Around the World", and “Graphene Supercapacitor Commercialization of Safe Energy Storage Devices for IoH.”

    Tsukuba International Strategic Zone

    Tsukuba International Strategic Zone

    In December 2011, the Japanese Prime Minister officially designated Tsukuba City and parts of Ibaraki Prefecture as a Comprehensive Special Zone. Today, in the Tsukuba International Strategic Zone, nine advanced R&D projects using the accumulation of Tsukuba’s life science and green innovation technology are being undertaken in order to create new industries with a global perspective.

    Projects Detail

  • 2Creating a Platform (Co-Creation Space)

    TGI is making the following efforts to create a platform (co-creation space) for innovation in the Tsukuba region.

    Tsukuba Life Science Promotion Association (TLSK)

    Tsukuba Life Science Promotion Association (TLSK)

    The open innovation platform “Tsukuba Life Science Promotion Association (Tsukuba Life Science Suishin Kyogikai [TLSK]) was established in February 2012 as a basic organization of the Tsukuba International Strategic Zone, to promote collaborative research & development in the life science field in the Tsukuba district. As of 2019, more than 60 private sector, academic, and government organizations are participating in TLSK.

    Member introduction

    Joint Liaison Meeting for Tsukuba Innovation Ecosystem

    Joint Liaison Meeting for Tsukuba Innovation Ecosystem

    We regularly hold a Joint Liaison Meeting for Tsukuba Innovation Ecosystem Construction, which is comprised of Tsukuba City, universities and research institutions, companies, support groups, and members involved in industry-academia-government collaboration in Ibaraki Prefecture.

    In addition to sharing information between institutions and exchanging opinions for innovation creation, we provide useful information such as introducing basic research and industry-academia collaboration policies and sharing intellectual property related information.

    Tsukuba Technical Concierge

    Tsukuba Technical Concierge

    TTC, as a one-stop point of technical consultation, provides matching services with universities and research institutions to help companies with technical concerns and consultations.

    TGI, Tsukuba City, University of Tsukuba, National Institute for Materials Science, Agriculture and Food Technology Research Organization cooperate to provide consultation for companies. * Tsukuba City supports TTC activities as an advisor

    When it is necessary to respond in TTC activities other than the cooperating organization, the Technology Transfer Manager visits research institutes and conducts “bridge activities” to promote matching with consulting companies.

  • 3Promote Internationalization of Tsukuba Region

    TGI is working with organizations in the Tsukuba area to promote initiatives to build and strengthen international networks in the Tsukuba area. TGI participates in a high-level forum where heads of research institutes and universities from the world's major innovation centers come together to discuss policies, strategies and experiences for building an innovation ecosystem. TGI, as a hub organization for research institutes in Tsukuba area, plays a role with Tsukuba city in coordinating delegations in Tsukuba area.

    The High Level Forum (GIANT HIGH LEVEL FORUM)

    The High Level Forum (GIANT HIGH LEVEL FORUM)

    The high level forum has been held annually since the first forum launched in 2012 by the initiative of “GIANT,” a famous R&D center located in Grenoble City, which is Tsukuba’s sister city in France. In this forum, leaders from various science cities or R&D centers around the world get together and its major aim is to provide opportunities of discussions on “Innovation Ecosystem,” which means an environment where innovations come out, as well as of sharing information concerning this issue. Tsukuba hosted the forum as the 4th conference.