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Platform Sharing

Building Mutual Platform

Create an environment which gives researchers inspiration that enables to come up with innovative ideas by making Tsukuba’s research achievement resources accessible information.
As a basis to nurture new projects of Tsukuba International Strategic Zone, developing an environment where Tsukuba’s academic resources may be utilized by full extent, improvement of convenience such as integrating Tsukuba’s academic achievements and research resources into a database and sharing study infrastructure is under progress.


TSA (Tsukuba Science Activities: Researching information searching system for Tsukuba Science City)

TSA is an information transmitting tool which University of Tsukuba Library has developed and released in collaboration with Tsukuba Global Innovation Promotion Agency in order to encourage innovative promotion using academic integrity of Tsukuba Science City.

Blossoming Seeds of Knowledge into Business from Tsukuba

Opting for innovation which stretches the boundary of university and research institution, blossoming seeds of knowledge into actual business model is being worked on.
Along with creation of technical potential seeds, grope for needs from the industrial world in broader perspective is necessary.

Business Model Example Industrial-Academic-Governmental Matching-Day (Held June 25, 2013)

Five chosen research institutions within Tsukuba (University of Tsukuba, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization, National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention, National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, National Institute for Environmental Studies) have introduced twenty technics opting to be transferred to corporates by poster sessions.
Also, sales meeting booth has been set up for researchers and corporation representative visitors who wish to consult with one another for realization of knowledge seeds into business.

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