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Sharing and Spreading of Information

One-Stop Counter

We have a one-stop counter for the inquiries related to Tsukuba International Strategic Zone.
We also collaborate with PR department of each organization to put out information.
※Please submit your inquiry from our Contact Form.

Outreach Activities

Symposium of Clinical Research Related to International Strategic Zone, University of Tsukuba Hospital (Held June 6, 2012)

We held a symposium focusing especially on life-innovation within Tsukuba International Strategic Zone. There were over 170 people of public, government and business taking part visited for the seminar about the research of a next-generation cancer cure and advanced medical procedure in international strategic zone by using robot suit HAL.

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Example: AAAS2013 Annual Meeting (Held February 15-17, 2013)

We joined AAAS (The American Association for the Advancement of Science) meeting in Boston, and we had a panel exhibition of Tsukuba International Strategic Zone and a presentation during workshop.
AAAS is one of the largest academic organizations dedicated to advancing science technologies. AAAS also published the science journal “Science.”
In this meeting, we had PR activities towards researchers, individuals related to the business and students.

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