The Report:Global Innovation Forum 2014

The Report:Global Innovation Forum 2014

Joint Symposium of the Parliamentary Group on Science & Technology and Tsukuba Global Promotion Agency, “Global Innovation Forum 2014” was held on March 4th, 2014 at WTC conference center in Tokyo.
We had the great success, and about 150 people visited the forum which was the same number as the capacity. Some guests commented about the forum, “I never had time to thought about Tsukuba city ever before.” and “ It was the great opportunity to discuss about Tsukuba together with leaders of each research institutions in Tsukuba.”

7 panelists discussed about Tsukuba, with topics of  “Reinforcement of Corporation between University, Research Institution and Company”,  “Maintenance and Improvement of Living Environment” and “Future of Tsukuba” at the panel discussion. Panelists pointed out about problems in Tsukuba, and talked about their opinions.

It was impressive to hear that one panelist mentioned about the life of the family of researchers in Tsukuba, “We need to think not only about the researchers but also about his/her family who live in Tsukuba. The city need to be attractive to live actively and comfortably not only for researchers but also for their family.” Other one said that “I’m not excited about current Tsukuba, but we need to make it to the exciting city.”

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